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Course program

— Setting goals the right way

— Making a List of Goals and Dreams—Ways to Achieve Goals

— Motivation

— Creating a contact list

— Ranks in the contact list

— Replenishing contacts list

— Invite unobtrusively 

— Invitation structure 

— Confirmation of the meeting

— Presentation Model

— Emphasis in the presentation 

— Definition of interest

— Working on the FAQ

— Touchpoints 

— How to answer correctly

— Behavioral pattern 

— Parsing objections

— Removing doubts

— The goal of the negotiation process 

— Identification of client type

— Tactics for closing the deal

— Business skills 

— Team Leader

— The power of a learning system

— Job instructions

— Teamwork

— Consultation with the Leader

— Intertwining leadership structures

— Qualities of a company representative

— Competing in the industry

— I am the company

— Company ecosystem


The basis of the DCP training course will be complemented by a unique technique that includes the use of Pop-up Tips.
Its feature is that it allows:

Course program

Emotional intelligence is the ability to effectively recognize one's own emotions and the emotions of others, intentions, motivation. The developed EQ helps to solve any practical problems and to achieve the set goals, both in personal life and at work. People with developed EQ are able to negotiate, find compromises with other people, make decisions and respond properly to various life situations. Let's understand what affects EQ and why it is so important?

Human health depends on lifestyle. A person's hormonal background often significantly affects his actions and emotions. We talk about what effects of hormones should be expected. We will tell you how to "align" the hormonal background, following our recommendations on how to increase the release of "happiness hormones". In this way, everyone will be able to feel that his life is getting better, will feel more satisfied with his life.

Belief is an element of worldview that gives an individual or a social group confidence in their views of the world, knowledge and assessments of reality. Beliefs are conscious and thoughtful beliefs that serve as a kind of life landmark. Beliefs guide our behavior and will and do not need motivation. Adequate belief is always based on life experience and observation. We are born devoid of any convictions. And they are formed as we grow older, based primarily on what our parents, relatives and others tell us. Most often we tend to remember mistakes and it is from them that limiting beliefs are formed. We will help you understand what Beliefs are. And why is so much being said about it now?

An important role in the profession of producer (appraiser) of digital content is developed critical thinking. As a rule, the evaluation of art objects implies a comparative analysis with what has already been created or seen. Moreover, in the process of evaluation activities it is important to determine whether this work is relevant, what meaning the author wanted to convey to us. Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and question the information received. Critical thinking helps in choosing the right solution, teaches to see causal relationships, summarize and structure information, argue their position and see weaknesses in the position of others.

To evaluate music, you need musical taste (not to be confused with musical hearing) - the ability to perceive music (or, for example, other arts) and evaluate them. To choose music consciously, to evaluate it, based only on your own understanding of the quality of music, and not on mass opinions. Ability to separate a masterpiece from a fake. In the field of art, the criterion "love - do not love", "like - do not like" corresponds to the extent to which a work of art is in tune with our worldview, what strings in our soul it touched.
Each of us finds his own novel, his own music, his own picture. During life our taste can change, favorite works can change each other, but their ennobling influence on us remains unchanged.
You are also an "expert" on your inner creative world. Your assessment, your opinion about creativity is also extremely important! It is important what you think and feel when you come in contact with creativity.
Each type of creativity has its own characteristics and criteria. But the subjectivity and relativity of evaluation is everywhere. And how to judge? A matter of taste.

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Founder - Askgambit

Moving people beyond their "limits of thinking"

Improving Performance 

Helping Entrepreneurs

Experienced Business/Career Coach 
⏱ and Consultant

Deeply rooted in finance, investments, and capital markets, Sergey's career led him to found Gambit Solutions Inc. to pursue his passion for coaching. Helping people, making complex things more simple, and cultivating leadership and teamwork has always been Sergey's driving force. As the creator of Gambit Coaching, he works with executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and other business professionals to help them better their lives and organizations, make more money, achieve greater performance and balance, and become better leaders.

Gambit’s purpose for existence is to help individuals and businesses discover who they TRULY ARE and to transform into who they WANT TO BE if who they have become is not aligned with their true vision and purpose. The company provides following trainings:

Executive/Career Coaching

Become a leader. Elevate your career.

Business Consulting




Expert - Elevencoaching

Mic Mell is the founder and the head coach of Eleven Coaching, one of the largest business and personal coaching companies in North America. He developed the coaching method that's been used by dozens of coaches and thousands of clients since 2014. 

He's also been a professional musician for over 25 years. During that career, he's toured the US, released several albums, and started several boutique record labels. He loves art, and capitalism is his favorite sport. He also invented a board game “Urban Insanity” that got fully funded on Kickstarter and is featured in the DragonCon Game Room annually.

2022 is the year Eleven is making a splash of notoriety, launching new seminars and retreats and even a coaching school. Mic's clientele includes successful people in the fields of arts, finance, real estate, logistics, entrepreneurship…across the spectrum of human achievement. 

Eleven Coaching, one of the largest business and personal coaching companies in North America. The company provides following trainings:

Startup and Business Coaching

Individual Coaching

Corporate, Team and Departmental Coaching

Writing Coaching